cViscaCalibBRC300 Class Reference

BRC-300 Camera calibration. More...

#include <cVISCA.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual int Pan2Degrees (int pan)
virtual int Degrees2Pan (int pan)
virtual int Tilt2Degrees (int tilt)
virtual int Degrees2Tilt (int tilt)
virtual int Degrees2Zoom (int fov)
 Zoom calibration for BRC300.
virtual int Zoom2Degrees (int zoom)
 Zoom calibration for BRC300.

Detailed Description

BRC-300 Camera calibration.

Member Function Documentation

int cViscaCalibBRC300::Degrees2Zoom int  fov  )  [virtual]

Zoom calibration for BRC300.

[in] fov field of view in degrees
camera zoom units
The zoom is, aparently, from 1 times to 12 times or 3.3 to 37.8 degrees

The camera zoom units are from 0 to 27,136. 0 zoom units mean no maginification, and the widest possible field of view.

So, I am going to guess that the calibration is

camera zoom units = 27136 -( fov - 3.3 ) * 27136 / ( 37.8 - 3.3 ) fov = units * ( 37.9 - 3.3 ) / 27136 + 3.3

Reimplemented from cViscaCalibRaw.

int cViscaCalibBRC300::Zoom2Degrees int  zoom  )  [virtual]

Zoom calibration for BRC300.

[in] zoom camera zoom units
field of view in degrees

Reimplemented from cViscaCalibRaw.

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